CodeRush Express – Useful tool for C# developers in VS.NET 2K8

(I quote):

Developer Express and Microsoft are proud to announce a new version of CodeRush licensed exclusively for C# developers working in Visual Studio. The new product is called CodeRush Xpress, and it includes a fresh selection of hand-picked features taken from CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

And I love it! It has very handy functions for refactoring your code very fast!

I recommend it for everyone!

Usefull links (both contain the downloads):

If you are interested in learning the features you can access these movies:

Dustin Campbell also presented a video on this tool, among other useful Visual Studio 2008 shortcuts  on PDC 2008, you can find it here (click below for wmv-hd download).

  • I’ve installed codeRush at work a few months ago, and de-installed it less then one hour later …

  • Coderush Express is a bit less extended than the full Coderush, you might condider trying this one, it’s pretty balanced.