EU wants IE out of Windows. Did they actually think about it?

Probably not. If you, as an outsider you see that Microsoft is sold as a bundle of software.

  • The kernel
  • The GUI
  • Firewall
  • Media Player
  • Browser

The major difference between this setup, and one from Linux. Linux is A LOT more modular. For example if you take a look at Windows’ Help (just press F1 when you are on your desktop.).

It actually IS an Internet Explorer window, with customized properties.

So you can’t just remove Internet Explorer’s engine (Trident) and replace it with Firefox, since Internet Explorer is a lot more versatile, it’s not just a browser to display internet pages, a lot more components in windows depend on that engine to display text and pictures!

It’s not that easy to replace that component, because Firefox does not accept that API.

So I think that the EU should first decide what they want: do they want the icon to be removed, or the whole engine.

If it is the second answer they should force Microsoft to create an API, where other components can plug into so they can have their replacement for the Trident engine.

But they need to do a lot more research before they start screaming that IE has to be removed from Windows.

Software uninstallation: stuff slipping through the mazes.

Or maybe just badly programmed…

I’ve had this experience with multiple hobby programmed uninstallers, they would leave a folder behind. Sure no problem, I’ve got it for free, they can’t help it. You file a bug report and hope they fix it in the next release.

But when we talk about Apple, things are different. Apple is a respected company.

Yesterday I tried installing Quicktime to play my mp4 files. I downloaded the installer from the website, and installed it. No problem.

But since the movies were damaged I decided that Quicktime was useless, and so I removed it. Or so I thought…

After inspecting my system multiple Apple related folders where still there. And even Apple Software Updater. I chose to remove Quicktime (the only thing I installed!). Then why must it not remove this application? Because it’s Apple? (that’s what they think probably…).


So you might want to watch out with uninstalling programs, they always leave stuff behind. Even with the most respected companies. Maybe they don’t deserve that…

A fluent approach to C# parameter validation

Normally I don’t do this, but since this is such a great article:

From the creator of Paint.NET.

It’s really worth reading, if you do a lot of parameter validation. It might come in handy for your forms, or maybe even for a website.

I think I’ll write something based on that really soon 🙂


Believe me when I say we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed our fear of it. I stand here, before you now, truthfully unafraid. Why? Because I believe something you do not? No, I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me.

It’s a movie, but I think the last sentence applies to everybody. It’s your decisions that makes you who you are.

USA: School started! (And a bunch of other stuff!)

Ok first things first:

On Saturday I cleaned up my room, went to the fitness, and ate a bit. That’s it… took the day off 🙂

On Sunday I woke up late, went to the fitness, went to the dinner at the International House. After that everybody went to the pub. I joined, but it wasn’t a success at all…

Monday morning our good friend Joe sent us a message about ‘Gran Torino’ (the movie with Clint Eastwood). We went to the show at 0355 p.m., and finished the evening with a pizza ( 😡 BAD ONE!). I went home early to do some workout at the gym.

Tuesday classes started at 0930 a.m., Software Engineering, which will be cool I think.

The rest of my time, I spent with surfing, bit of hacking, walking around, talking to other people, talking to my lovely girlfriend (whom I miss A LOT!!!).

That’s it 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

C: Console window disappears.

Here is something I want to share with you.

If you program in C, with some console windows, the window might disappear after execution.

If you want to prevent that just add this line in front of the return 0; line in your main(void) 🙂

while(getchar() != '\n');

getchar() is defined in stdio.h.

What it basically does is wait for an end of line input (return key). Just press that and the window closes, end of the program!

Or you can try this (I read this in the comments, thanks!):


USA: 2nd orientation course + the Movies + fun!

Today we had a required second orientation course in the International House over here, where a couple of persons welcomed us, presented a group, and stuff like that.

Heidi also did a presentation on American Culture, we are already learning!

At 04.20p.m. Joe picked me up to go to the movies. We went to see Defiance. (which takes up to March 4th to get released in Belgium…)

Great movie about World War II, and Daniel Craig sure played really well as the camp leader, though his appearance in Bond makes it a bit weird at first. The movie is packed with action, and there is a really good story as the backbone.

After the movies Joe and his friend JP (who also went with us to the movies) went out to Red Robin, and we ate some really great hamburger over there! And we concluded the evening by playing Rock Band at Joe’s. Great evening!

Thanks Joe for picking me up! Thanks JP for the dinner!



I love the American Culture. Friendliest people I’ve ever seen!!!

Linq To Entities with a SQL Compact Database

A while ago I wrote this (Dutch) article on how to perform LINQ to SQL for your SQL Compact databases, since Visual Studio did not understand this, we had to do it manually, as described in the article just mentioned.

But since the release of .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, and the therein included ADO.NET Entity Framework, it is now possible to generate a model out of a SQL Compact database!

Unfortunately this is not (yet) possible for Smart Device applications (Windows Mobile), but who knows what the future might bring!

USA: Orientation, lunch, TB test

Well today was a very busy day. Heidi made us attend an orientation about the rules on our F-1 status (Visa), we can’t work, where to go in case of emergency and stuff like that, basics actually.

When that was done we visited the library where the librarian showed us around, on how to use the category system, microfilms, microfiches.

And here is the best part: After the library tour there was PIZZA in the International house! GOOD pizza! Had a great lunch with Yorick, Paulette, Beza, and Sandra (from Austria).

Because of the bad weather (really cold!) the campus tour was replaced by a small tour (I don’t remember anything about it actually), and when we got back we were obliged to take a Tuberculosis skin test. So if my arm shows red in the next 2 days: TROUBLE! But I am healthy 🙂 I know.

In 30 minutes Paulette and Beza (maybe Sandra) will come and eat the rest of the pizza I ‘borrowed permanently’ 🙂

See y’all later!