Eclipse Ganymede: Install Visual Studio keymapping.

This is just great. Since I am one stubborn Visual Studio developer I know almost all the shortcuts by heart. Switching to another IDE is thus very hard for me, since I don’t like to learn all the shortcuts again.

Now I am kind of forced to use Eclipse to develop for my G1 (The Google Phone) (Yes I bought one in the USA). Since Eclipse uses very weird (to me) keys it takes me way to much time to learn the shortcuts or use the menu.


I was googling for a VS keymap for Eclipse, but this one didn’t pop up in my list. Guess what: You need to install the C/C++ development tools for Eclipse and then the keymap just pops up! And guess what, it’s almost identical!

Take a look at this link to install de CDT to your Eclipse and then go to Window > Preferences > General > Keys and change the keymap to Visual Studio.

This ofcourse doesn’t apply if you already have the CDT isntalled, then you can just set up the keymap.

Works like a charm!

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