Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools and closing square bracket problem on AZERTY

There seems to be a problem with the default keyboard mapping of the so called ‘Align Assignments’ found in the Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools.

The default shortcut is mapped to Control + Alt + ]. While this is not a problem on a QWERTY these keystrokes are used to type a square bracket on a AZERTY keyboard:

Azerty keyboard

As you can see the character on the lower right corner needs to be accessed with Ctrl + Alt + key or the Alt Gr + key. This way you trigger the ‘Edit.AlignAssignments’ on your keyboard. Thus the ‘]’ doesn’t appears on screen, it merely aligns the current line.

Edit.AlignAssignments shortcut

Solution: remove or remap the shortcut.

Thanks to Gill Cleeren for pointing out this problem.

Silverlight 4 debugging and Firefox 3.6.4+

I’ve been stuck on this for a few days.

At the moment, Firefox 3.6.4 (and newer) have a new functionality called ‘Crash protection’, which is quite nice.

For customers.

It now runs the plugins in a separate process called ‘plugin-container.exe’ (look in your task manager).

Task manager plugin-container.exe

But for developers it’s quite the hassle, since Visual Studio attaches itself to Firefox but NOT to this process. So no more Silverlight debugging for you!

Luckily there are two options for you!

The first option is the most straight forward, but has to be done each time. Use Visual Studio to attach itself to plugin-container.exe, refresh the website, and BAM, you’re up and running!

Attach to Process

On the next screen click ‘plugin-container.exe’. There might be 2, if so, select the one with ‘Silverlight’ in the ‘Type’ column:

Attach to Process Window

And hit ‘Attach’.

While this solution is adequate for when you need to debug it one time at a day, but for me, I only debug in Firefox, and when necessary I use Internet Explorer. For that you can go to your ‘about:config’ in Firefox, disable ‘dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npctrl.dll’ (set it to false).