Visual Studio 2010 PowerTools

Hi All,

Since I’ve installed Visual Studio 2010 PowerTools I’ve had the following problem:

Entering shift+enter didn’t break the line anymore.

This is because of the autocomplete braces function of the PowerTools.

You can disable this function by clicking Options in the Tools Menu:

Tools > Options

And then click ‘Productivity Power Tools’ on the left:

Productivity Power Tools options

In that window set ‘Automatic Brace Completion’ to ‘Off’.

Now restart your Visual Studio 2010 (Important!)

Unfortunately this doesn’t restore the shortcut in the keyboard settings of Visual Studio 2010.

To fix this go to your keyboard settings in Visual Studio 2010:


And enter this string in the search box: ‘Edit.BreakLine’ (without the quotes).

As you can see only ‘Enter’ is mapped to BreakLine.

Now set focus to the ‘Press shortcut keys’ textbox and press Shift+Enter. And then hit Assign.

This is the end result:

Set Shift+Enter to Edit.BreakLine

There we go 🙂

Take it easy,