Team Foundation 2010: Associate work item with changeset AFTER check in.

Today I was struggling associating a work item with a changeset after a check in. There is however no options for this in the UI. Or is there? Let’s check:

Cannot edit work items from changeset window

Ok, so not through the changeset UI.

Let’s check the command line.

c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0VC>tf changeset /?
TF - Team Foundation Version Control Tool, Version 10.0.30319.1
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Displays information about a changeset and lets you change the associated
attributes, such as comments and check-in notes.

tf changeset [/comment:("comment"|@commentfile)]
             [/notes:("NoteFieldName"="NoteFieldValue"|@notefile)] [/noprompt]
             [changesetnumber | /latest] [/login:username,[password]]

(emphasis mine).

So not through the command line. Now what? Let’s think: we want to associate a changeset with a work item. Why not look the other way around?

After the successful commit remember the changeset # (in our example 25464), go to the work item you want to associate the changeset to.

Right bottom you’ll see a tab called ‘Links’ (1), click it, and then click the ‘Link to’ (2) button.

Associate work item with changeset

In the next window, select ‘Changeset’ (1) and enter the number in the box (2). Hit  ‘OK’ (3).

Associate part II

After that hit ‘CTR+S’ to save your work item.

After that go back to your changeset:

It's there!

It works!

Have a good one!


One reply on “Team Foundation 2010: Associate work item with changeset AFTER check in.”

  1. Worked like a charm. Thanks.

    One question though. I ran into this situation in the first place ’cause during check-in I try to associate my changeset to a User Story that was currently edited by someone else. As I understand it, VS wasn’t able to modify the User Story since someone was making changes to it.

    Do you know how to prevent that?


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