Day 19: Lake Tahoe II

Wow, what a day, our first real ‘vacation’ day, as my mom takes vacation. We didn’t too much.

The alarm clock went off at 7.00am, however somebody (me Smile with tongue out, Nicky is mad about it) snoozed too much. I turned the alarm clock off, so it was 8.30am when we got up.
The breakfast was the worst of our vacation, just 2 things you could eat, but ok, we got something (although we prefer pancakes for breakfast! Open-mouthed smile)

We then went to the beach and decided to hire a jet-ski for both of us. It was so much fun!!! Now we want our own jet-ski’s Sad smile.  The thing goes so fast you fly off your seat every time you hit a wave. The thing hits like 45-50mph (73kph – 81kph). When you get used to the throtle you look for larger waves, and hit them to jump!! Exciting stuff. We had one hour the time and we can tell you, one hour for the first time on a jet-ski is enough because your legs and arms feel sore.

Then we had Subway for lunch and after that we went back to the beach to do just nothing.

It feels good to have a calmer day.

Now we’re in iHop near Carson City for a small dinner (and we’re both exploding… again).

Now off to Yosemite! Have a good one!


-Nicky & Kristof