Day 20: Driving to (and through) Yosemite

What a hard day to wake up, VERY sore from the jet-ski, Nicky had to kick me out of bed.

The breakfast was better, we had waffles, the motel wasn’t expensive (luckily Open-mouthed smile), so completely refreshed we started driving to Yosemite.

We told in the previous post that we would head out to Yosemite yesterday, however after the filling pancake dinner at iHop we stranded at a motel not too far from iHop, we couldn’t stay awake.

So, now that things are set straight (we don’t want to lie to you Open-mouthed smile), we can tell you about our drive to and through Yosemite.

It was a beautiful drive, lots of hills (car consumed too much Smile with tongue out), lots of trees, beautiful views. Some pictures to prove that:



Continuing our drive we saw a lake, and me being me, I jumped in!

(yes, very cold Open-mouthed smile)

We took a walk on some trail:


We didn’t enter Yosemite itself that day, we drove off to Madera, CA for a cheap motel.


That’s it Open-mouthed smile

Have a good one,

-Nicky & Kristof