Day 22: We’ve landed

What a flight.

First, in the morning (still in LA), we had breakfast, drove off to Avis, found out we drove exactly 5526 miles with the car (8893 km), 101 hours, with an average of 55 miles or 88 km per hour.

But first, the flight. We left on time in LAX to Atlanta. Arriving there we walked to the plane, were there right on time. And then it began.

Ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be a problem with oil pressure.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have to taxi to a gate to get a part replaced, which will take 30 minutes

(when the pilot said this an hour had already passed)

Luckily, the part replaced was the problem, some sensor, because if it was the actual pump we would have to change airplane.

We flew out to Brussels, picked up our luggage, and Nicky’s dad picked us up there (thanks!).

We went home, cleaned up our luggage, Nicky was so happy she tripped and fell against the door (really! I didn’t hit her!). Now she has a nice bruise!

We went to bed at ~11:30pm.

-Nicky & Kristof