F#: Disabling SSL Certificate validation

Yesterday I wanted to download some content off a website with F#, however unfortunately the certificate of the website was expired. let result = try let request = “https://somewebsite/with/expired/ssl/certificate/data.json?paramx=1&paramy=2” |> WebRequest.Create let response = request.GetResponse () // parse data let parsed = “…” Ok parsed with | ex -> Error ex If we execute this, […]

When frameworks try to be smart, AngularJS & Expressions

One of my colleagues just discovered this bug/feature in AngularJS. Using an ngIf on a string “no” will result in false. HTML: <div ng-app> <div ng-controller=”yesNoController”> <div ng-if=”yes”>Yes is defined, will display</div> <div ng-if=”no”>No is defined, but will not display on Angular 1.2.1</div> <div ng-if=”notDefined”>Not defined, will not display</div> </div> </div> JavaScript: function yesNoController($scope) { […]

The impact of SqlDataReader.GetOrdinal on performance

I recently had a discussion about the impact of SqlDataReader.GetOrdinal on execution of a SqlClient.SqlCommand. I then decided to run some code to measure the difference, because I think that’s the only way to get a decent opinion. This is the code that I’ve used to run a certain query 1000 times: private void InvokeQuery(Action mapObject) […]