Day 22: We’ve landed

What a flight. First, in the morning (still in LA), we had breakfast, drove off to Avis, found out we drove exactly 5526 miles with the car (8893 km), 101 hours, with an average of 55 miles or 88 km per hour. But first, the flight. We left on time in LAX to Atlanta. Arriving there […]

Day 19: Lake Tahoe II

Wow, what a day, our first real ‘vacation’ day, as my mom takes vacation. We didn’t too much. The alarm clock went off at 7.00am, however somebody (me , Nicky is mad about it) snoozed too much. I turned the alarm clock off, so it was 8.30am when we got up. The breakfast was the […]

Day 18: Lake Tahoe

After a refreshing night in Elko, NV we continued our trip, heading for lake Tahoe. We had Bufallo Wild Wings for lunch, and pancakes for dinner. We rented a hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA, with a hot tub!!! Just a couple of pictures, enjoy! Have a good night! We’re going to play some pool. […]