Format after BitLocker.

So yesterday I reinstalled my laptop because some beta driver was acting up, no big deal. I had both of my partitions secured with Bitlocker (and a BIOS password set up) so that my laptop is secure. After formatting I noticed that my C drive wasn’t encrypted anymore (which is obvious, it was formatted). But […]

C#: Smaller syntax for event handlers.

Using lambda functions you can shorten your event handlers. E.g.: With a normal event hander: class Test { private Timer timer; private void Timer_Elapsed(object sender, ElapsedEventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine(string.Format(“Object: {0} sends: {1}”, sender, e)); } public Test() { this.timer = new Timer(); this.timer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(this.Timer_Elapsed); this.timer.Interval = 100; this.timer.Start(); } } With an anonymous […]

AVG 8 update marks user32.dll as False Positive on XP SP2

DO NOT REMOVE user32.dll, even though AVG 8 states that there is a virus in the file. Doing so will remove the file, and cause a BSOD, and makes your system unable to boot. It marks the file as infected with Trojan Horse PSW.BANKER4.APSA. Possibilities are to wait for an update from AVG, or (preferably) […]