Silverlight 4: Bug in TabControl.TabStripPlacement = Dock.Left and OnApplyTemplate

At work I ran into a bug with the Silverlight TabControl, more specifically when setting the TabStripPlacement to Dock.Left and hiding one of the TabItems in the parent’s OnApplyTemplate. The way to get to this bug is quite specific. For example, you can’t do it when you’re using a UserControl, since in that kind of […]

Enum dependency property caveat

Hi all, A while ago I was creating a custom control in Silverlight with an enum Dependency property. It looked like this: public partial class SomeCustomControl { public static readonly DependencyProperty OnOrOffDependencyProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(“OnOrOff”, typeof (OnOff), typeof (SomeCustomControl), new PropertyMetadata(OnPropertyChangedCallback)); public SomeCustomControl() { this.InitializeComponent(); } public OnOff OnOrOff { get { return (OnOff) this.GetValue(OnOrOffDependencyProperty); } […]

Silverlight 4 debugging and Firefox 3.6.4+

I’ve been stuck on this for a few days. At the moment, Firefox 3.6.4 (and newer) have a new functionality called ‘Crash protection’, which is quite nice. For customers. … It now runs the plugins in a separate process called ‘plugin-container.exe’ (look in your task manager). But for developers it’s quite the hassle, since Visual […]