Linq To Entities with a SQL Compact Database

A while ago I wrote this (Dutch) article on how to perform LINQ to SQL for your SQL Compact databases, since Visual Studio did not understand this, we had to do it manually, as described in the article just mentioned. But since the release of .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, and the therein included ADO.NET Entity […]

C#: Smaller syntax for event handlers.

Using lambda functions you can shorten your event handlers. E.g.: With a normal event hander: class Test { private Timer timer; private void Timer_Elapsed(object sender, ElapsedEventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine(string.Format(“Object: {0} sends: {1}”, sender, e)); } public Test() { this.timer = new Timer(); this.timer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(this.Timer_Elapsed); this.timer.Interval = 100; this.timer.Start(); } } With an anonymous […]

CodeRush Express – Useful tool for C# developers in VS.NET 2K8

(I quote): Developer Express and Microsoft are proud to announce a new version of CodeRush licensed exclusively for C# developers working in Visual Studio. The new product is called CodeRush Xpress, and it includes a fresh selection of hand-picked features taken from CodeRush and Refactor! Pro. And I love it! It has very handy functions […]

Java: My FileFilter implementation

This is my javax.swing.filechooser.FileFilter implementation (for the JFileChooser): FileFilter fileFilter = new FileFilter() { @Override public boolean accept(File file) { return file.getAbsolutePath().endsWith(“.xml”) || file.isDirectory(); } @Override public String getDescription() { return “xml settings files”; } }; It accepts .xml files, but allows browsing through directories

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition + Visual Studio 2008 x64 User instance problems.

As described in this connect article there is an issue with the integration of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition ans Visual Studio 2008 if you are running on an x64 system (the OS itself! Not runing 32-bit Vista on a Core 2 Duo) (although some report this bug on a 32-bit OS). This issue is […]

SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 Security Error (29506)

Should you ever want to install SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 you MUST run it as Administrator. When you try to install it on Vista (by double clicking the .exe) it extracts the files to a temp folder. Then it launches the setup, asking you some questions. After that UAC asks you to gain […]