USA: School started! (And a bunch of other stuff!)

Ok first things first:

On Saturday I cleaned up my room, went to the fitness, and ate a bit. That’s it… took the day off 🙂

On Sunday I woke up late, went to the fitness, went to the dinner at the International House. After that everybody went to the pub. I joined, but it wasn’t a success at all…

Monday morning our good friend Joe sent us a message about ‘Gran Torino’ (the movie with Clint Eastwood). We went to the show at 0355 p.m., and finished the evening with a pizza ( 😡 BAD ONE!). I went home early to do some workout at the gym.

Tuesday classes started at 0930 a.m., Software Engineering, which will be cool I think.

The rest of my time, I spent with surfing, bit of hacking, walking around, talking to other people, talking to my lovely girlfriend (whom I miss A LOT!!!).

That’s it 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!